Exclusive Windows Phone 'Features': This is a problem?

This idea has been covered before on this forum.. but I felt that my view was different enough for a new post.

Why isn't Microsoft making useful applications for iOS? Maybe that was too harsh.. Photosynth is amazing, Onenote is a good start, and Bing is decent (even though I personally would never use it), but why aren't they bringing their good services that people desperately want to use to other platforms? Platform exclusivity, especially for Microsoft products like Zune and Office, is a completely flawed idea. Sure Zune and Office are reasons to buy a Windows phone (albeit very small reasons), but Microsoft doesn't just sell Windows Phone.

This idea that products like Office and Zune can only exist in their native ecosystem is completely bogus, especially for mobile.

I realize Microsoft is pushing Windows Phone like no other, and Zune/Office exclusivity are part of that push, but what Microsoft may not realize is this: Making the mobile side of existing products-and-services exclusive 'features' of an operating system with little market share simply discourages consumers from using or buying said products and services.

So that's my take on it.. anyone else care to chime in?