Google has just announced that it'll be updating its privacy policy and terms of service across its entire range of products and services on March 1st. The company says that it has made the changes in order to streamline its legal documents and to help it offer better services that integrate with each other well. In a post on its official blog, the company says it has removed 60 out of over 70 privacy notices and consolidated them into one main privacy policy.

The update comes after some complaints and accusations that Google has been unfairly promoting search results, especially in regards to the recent integration of Google+ results in the new "Search, plus Your World" feature. According to a New York Times source, Google denies that the recent complaints made the company change its policies.

Google says that the changes make it clear that "we'll treat you as a single user across all our products," allowing the company to more easily pull and use personal info from its multitude of products and services. We can't help but feel that we've already been experiencing this type of cross-service integration for quite a while now on Google, but perhaps the changes will improve the communication between different spheres of the company. The search giant says that it has changed its terms of service to help make them simpler and more consolidated, too. The New York Times says that Google will be rolling out a large notification campaign — including messages on its homepage and emails to users — to help insure that people understand the policy changes that are coming.