It's not all that often that manufacturers provide teardowns of their latest gadgets, but Samsung has proven to be a bit of an exception. Having previously dissected both the Galaxy S II and Smart TV, the company has now opened up its Galaxy Note phone / tablet hybrid for all to see. Though not quite as comprehensive as findings we've come to expect from the likes of iFixit, Samsung's overview provides a decent enough glimpse at the internal bits.

Before jumping into the actual device, Samsung focuses on its companion: the S Pen stylus, boasting of pressure sensitivity which mimics writing with a regular pen. The Note carries a built-in digitizer for tracking location and applied pressure from the Wacom-powered accessory, and we found its accuracy to be excellent in our review — lackluster handwriting recognition notwithstanding. Digging into the hardware, behind the 5.29-inch pentile Super AMOLED display we find a circuit board that Samsung claims houses over 1,000 individual parts. The front half features a front-facing camera module, Bluetooth / Wi-Fi / GPS / NFC modules, and the standard bevy of sensors we've come to expect. Around back is the speedy dual-core 1.5GHz processor, flash storage, and an 8-megapixel rear shooter. This is also, according to Samsung, where the LTE modem will be located on the upcoming AT&T model.

It's worth noting that the Galaxy Note continues the trend of placing the NFC antenna on the rear cover, posing a challenge for third party battery manufacturers. Considering the impressive longevity we've seen thus far, that shouldn't be such a hard pill to swallow. We've just skimmed the surface here, so follow the source link for all the minute details you're after.