Last week, there was a flurry of news surrounding the New Zealand arrest of several high-ranking Megaupload employees (including founder Kim Dotcom) and the subsequent shutdown of Megaupload's server. Now, we're entering the long, drawn-out legal wrangling that typically accompany a major case such as this, with the first step being Kim Dotcom's extradition to the US. According to a Reuters report, this won't be a simple matter: after being denied bail, Dotcom will be under custody until at least February 22nd, when the extradition application will be filed. But due to possible appeals and procedural reviews on both sides, it could take significantly longer to complete the process.

Additionally, Dotcom's prosecutors must show enough evidence to substantiate charges against him in New Zealand — in this case, there would need to be sufficient evidence that Dotcom was breaching local copyright laws. According to senior New Zealand lawyer Grant Illingworth, "If the evidence doesn't make out, what under New Zealand law amounts to a prima facie case, then the person walks away." It's too soon to say whether the extradition will come to pass, but either way this case will likely take a while to be resolved.