Anyone else notice this in Windows 8?

So today I was messing around with my laptop running the Windows 8 Developer Preview, and I accidentally hit F1, a button I never use in Windows. Anyway, the Help screen popped up, and I'd never seen it before in Windows 8 (at least not that I remember). Well, boy was I pleasantly surprised! This is what I saw:


So I'm sure others have run into this before me, but I haven't heard anyone talk about it yet. Is MS secretly converting everything to Metro and just not showing it yet (maybe until the public beta in a month?). What do you guys think?

I personally think it looks great, will be much better next to the touch Metro UI, and I'm hoping they give everything Aero a Metro makeover, including the Explorer, etc. In fact, in my opinion, all they need to do on top of what's done here is make the actual window (the minimize, maximize, close buttons, the scroll bar, the borders, etc) look more like the content of the page, and I'll be happy.

Let me know what you think/