Macworld / iWorld 2012 may no longer be an Apple-anchored media super-event, but it still has new products to sell to both consumers and wholesalers. While touring the floor the LandingZone dock caught our eye — if only because we only knew it back when it was just a wee little Kickstarter campaign. It is indeed going into production sometime later this spring, retailing for $199 for either the 11-inch or 13-inch model. The docking station is loaded with four USB 2.0 ports, an Ethernet port, and a Mini Display passthrough (there is no Thunderbolt here, a sadly common theme at Macworld this year). You will need to provide your own power supply, but the LandingZone has a nicely-positioned slot for the Magsafe plug.

We took a look at an early prototype and something that was a little closer to final production and found both did the job of putting plugs into ports when you closed the latching arm on the back. Once it's closed, you can lock it down with a Kensington Lock, which should offer at least a modicum of security when you step away from your desk. The security feature goes a some of the way towards justifying that $199 price, we suppose, but without Thunderbolt the whole kit feels overpriced. Unless, that is, you really have a thing for laptop docks — we won't judge.