Proprietary Education? (Why isn't iBooks 2 an OSX App)

[Sorry if this comes off as a lecture. I'm trying to be open minded and am willing to be wrong on this issue so feel free to correct me]

First off, let me say I'm very impressed with the concepts behind improving textbooks. But I do feel that <strong> when it comes to education then its incredibly nearsighted to applaud Apple when Apple is intentionally trying to make "learning" proprietary</strong>.

Education is somewhere that technology NEEDS to be implemented better and Apple is doing something great with TextBooks. BUT, their choice to make them "iPad Only" is bad for everyone. Why isn't iBooks 2 a desktop app? Is there a reason that we shouldn't read books on a computer? Is there a limitation to a Macbook Air that makes multimedia textbooks impossible? Or is Apple simply using textbooks as leverage to sell more iPads. If we're talking about selling more copies of The Hunger Games for iPad I'm okay with them making choices that limit consumers and sell more iPads. But if we're talking about educating our future then they should be more diverse and not try to put kids in a box.