The Password Manager Conundrum

I have been using lastpass as my primary password manager for almost a year now. And I am quite happy with it. It does the job well. But ever since i read this news in last may, I am not very comfortable with it (I know the CEO later explained that the hackers did not get their hands onto any actual passwords, but the fact that this news made it to the headlines bothers me.)

After procrastinating for more then 7 months, now I am looking for alternatives, and the internet points to 1password. It seems like the right choice for me not only because it has all the features lastpass has but more importantly it solves the one problem I had with lastpass, it stores all my passwords locally.

What do you guys think? Should I go ahead and buy 1password? Or do you think that my fear is unnecessary and I should stick with lastpass?

Thoughts appreciated.