T-Mobile may have no knowledge of Apple's future iPhone plans, but one thing it does have knowledge of is how to support any customers on its network who are using unlocked iPhones. Yes, except for a strangely lucky few, the vast majority of them are stuck on EDGE speeds, but that doesn't mean that T-Mobile can't explain why and perhaps make sure those customers are able to get their APNs set up correctly. According to a document leaked to TmoNews, the carrier intends to provide basic support beginning on January 30th, including providing "information about feature [sic] and specifications, and other basic device questions" to unlocked iPhone owners. The company has said that it has over a million iPhone users on its network, so it only makes sense to accept that they're not switching to Android and provide more service. It's a small about-face from T-Mobile's previously laid-back attitude towards the iPhone, but even as a small gesture we don't think it does much to increase the likelihood of an AWS-compatible iPhone anytime soon.