Advice please? (new cellphone soon)

Hey everyone. Sitting pretty over here on Verizon, I have an upgrade coming up soon. I like the phone I have currently, a Droid Charge, decently well. It's battery life is pretty decent for a 4g phone (I can normally get around 10 hours with moderate use), however I have to keep GPS off all the time.

I'm really looking forward to a new phone, but I want to make sure it can maintain the good, but fix the bad. I'd love it to:

  • Be able to keep GPS on full time (so I can use foursquare, etc.)
  • Get at least 10 hours of battery life, but as always, more is better.
  • If an android phone, be guaranteed at least ICS.
  • Have 4g

Those are the non-negotiable things. I would love a decent sized screen, as well as a decent camera, but those aren't necessary. I haven't completely cast off the iPhone, but I will admit it's not my favorite. I really like Windows Phones, but it doesn't look like Verizon has any coming down the pipeline soon. Android is good and well, but I hate the bugs my Droid Charge still has.

So, if you could please, let me know which phone you think would work well for me. The RAZR Maxx looks tempting, as does the galaxy nexus. Should I hold out for something else? Thanks everyone!