Edge-to-Edge Screen On the iPhone

There's been a lot of speculation as to whether or not the next generation of iPhone will have a bigger screen. I used to own an iPhone, and after I put an OtterBox on it, the keys got a little tough to hit on the ends of the rows. I think this would be amplified with a wider screen on the same size device, thereby making it a poor design decision. The iPhone, in particular, is a device where I'd say a decent size screen bezel is necessary to accommodate a protective cover. If I were to consider an iPhone in the near future, I would almost immediately be considering how to wrap it. It kills the experience on plenty of other types phones (sliders, flips, etc.), and that could be a part of the reason that OEMs don't make them;* I think that while not a dealbreaker (un-caseability?) by any means, it's still something to consider when buying ANY phone, much less one with an edge-to-edge screen.

Even though I no longer own an iPhone, I still respect the idea that I know what to expect from their hardware. I used the same $60 case on two iPhones. No such luck with my BlackBerry devices, or my WP devices. That's the kind of consistency that made Apple awesome, and I hope they keep it up...so I don't have to buy a new OtterBox.

*Just making note of the fact that a lot of people want to customize/personalize/protect their devices, and not being able to do so makes it hard to justify investing in devices that you (an OEM) know to turn customers off.

***********I know that this post could have gone in the Mobile forum, but I was thinking of Apple when I decided to rant so we ended up here (read: Not an Apple hit-piece, just not feelin' "infinity screen" slabs.