Instapaper software/app/whatever for all OSes

Sooo, here's my predicament:

I have an ipad 1, a xoom, a kindle, a macbook, a desktop at home, a desktop at work, and a windows phone. Is there any product/software/app/whatever I can use on all those devices that will function like instapaper? Instapaper is a great product, but is limited to iOS and kindles. The author blatantly states that he will not add other operating systems/devices to instapaper.

My biggest issue is finding an article on one device that I don't have time to currently read or don't want to currently read on that device. There are some crude ways to share articles across all these devices (like emailing the article to myself or starring it in google reader), but I'd like a streamlined solution like instapaper. Its a little too much to hope for, but I'm curious if other people have multiple devices running multiple operating systems, and how you transfer/pass information between these devices.