Favorite Beer?

I haven't found the beer of my dreams

I've tried locally brewed beers, domestic, and imported; However, I feel like there is still a lager, ale, etc. out there made just for me, and I haven't found it yet. Right now, all I have on me is a 6-pack of Blue Moon, but I'm more interested in what kind of beer you guys and gals love.


Let me know what to try in the comments below!

Results (Thus Far):

Name | Beer

iyankfan4 - Magic Hat #9
Elemenopea - Arran Blonde or Budvar Black on draft.
jlnprssnr - Veltins from Germany
vroomfondel - Both Budvar and Pilsner Urquell. During the summer months, Paulaner Hefeweizen. When smoking cigars or pipe, Guinness.
Windshield - Stella Artois, Duvel Grimbergen.
sighclops - Hoegaarden in a frosted glass
henrysbigbeard - Deschutes Brewery’s Dead Guy Ale
James Ho - Guinness
craigneubauer - Lagunitas IPA
BrownCornelius - Guinness Draught; Stone Smoked Porter; Sam Adams Black Lager; Rogue Dead Guy Ale. There was also a beer I had in England about 8 or 9 years ago; Holsten Pils.
atomicsolar - Sam Adams, Peroni, Wells Banana Bread Beer.
Avro - Sam Smith’s Old Brewery Bitter from Tadcaster and Black Sheep Ale from Masham
Gonzo - Brewdog Punk IPA