Apple TV speculation chit chat - the mechanics of a new TV model

Hi people,

So Apple reckon they have cracked the TV market. I wondered what everyones thoughts were on how they've done this. Here are my thoughts (predictions of sorts)

1. The Screen panel itself obviously is going to have to be one of the best on the market - are they going to get LG or Sony to build it for them? It will have to be to warrant the price.

2. Right here is where it gets to the meat of the issue - the content. Obviously the Apple TV will incorporate the functions of the current appleTV box. But as for TV channel content - I don't see Apple putting any form of strategy forward that would mean you would also have set top boxes. Its just not them. Which means 1 of 2 options (I live in the UK). They have gone to the Satellite/Cable providers and said to them "Right we've incorporated your box into our TV you plug your cable/satellite connection into our TV and we provide all the front end. Which means (in my case) no more BSkyB remote or set top box - but - all the channels I subscribe to will appear on my Apple TV channel list. All of Sky's features like Sky Anytime (free on demand) programming would be lost as all this would then go through the iTunes store but that means you're losing some of the value of Sky subscription. This can't work its too complicated, or is it?

Or Apple have skipped even that step and are now competing with the cable provider directly for programming content which they will provide over internet connection? (Did they get British Premier League Rights?). I mean it has to be internet - they are certainly not going to set up they're own cable companies all over the world. I don't know about you guys but my internet connection is just not good enough to sustain these programs - certainly not during peak times and certainly not in HD.

Even if Apple provide kick ass on demand TV viewing this cannot make up 100% of their strategy - some live TV you cannot replace like News and Sport and special national announcements. They need live programming. Would this just be the free-to-air digital channels?

3. Features like Siri is almost certain but this can't be the primary way you interact with the TV it can't be Voice Tech isn't quick enough yet. Do you need an iPhone to control it?

4. I think the apps that the current appleTV are missing are coming.

5. What about sound - some people output their TV's sound into an amp and then to surround sound. Would an Apple TV have a surround sound bar along the front like those I've seen on the market or would they leave sound to external connection. But then you would need an amp below it and that ruins the aesthetic

6. The bezel will not be LG beating but the whole device will probably resemble the current Thunderbolt displays.

This is a horrible articulation of my thoughts - but what do you guys think?