Blackberry phones. More loved in the Philippines

With their phones constantly being compared with and dumped in favor of their iOS and Android counterparts, I'm surprised at how much flak Blackberry gets from people nowadays.

From where I'm from, Blackberry is enjoying considerable success. With local celebrities touting its ease of use and always-on connectivity, people here are patronizing it. Yeah, even more than the iPhone and Android phones. Persons in my circles would dub their iPhones as playthings, using it for games and leisure, and their Blackberry phones for serious work stuff. BBM? Indispensable for those who want to be connected 24/7. From these, I wonder at the peculiar situation that RIM is in--forlorn in the states, well loved here in the Philippines.

Blackberry keyboards are a joy to use, and people who have used the touchscreen counterparts can attest to that. Though the small screen is not exactly fit for web browsing, it's more than enough for Twitter and Facebook. Compared to the iPhone and some worthwhile Android handsets, some Blackberry models are relatively affordable than them, making them the easy choice for budget-conscious consumers. Apple and Google may have big things going for them right now. But for those who just want to have the essentials and doesn't mind not having the latest and greatest, RIM has something for them--and maybe this is a position that Blackberry can occupy in the face of competition who continues to strive for their irrelevance.