“I hardly think that we're too late, the work we're doing with Microsoft is extraordinarily compelling — ultraportables are compelling," HP’s Todd Bradley said during the call where Meg Whitman, the company’s new CEO, declared her decision to keep its PC business. Of course, Bradley wasn’t only defending HP’s role in the computer and mobile market, but he was hinting at HP’s intention to jump into the new crowded ultrabook pool. And the HP Folio 13 is just that entry.

Interestingly, the 13.3-inch Folio isn’t really a consumer-focused PC — it doesn’t have HP’s typical Beats branding or its characteristic playful design language — but it does have a nice array of features that will appeal to everyday users. Sure, it has the standard ultrabook specs — an Intel Core processor, 4GB of RAM, and 128GB Samsung SSD for fast boot and resume times — but for just $899.99, it also has a backlit keyboard, Core i5 (most at that price have an i3), and the important ports that many ultrabooks have left off (see Lenovo's IdeaPad U300s). So, is the Folio just as “compelling” as Bradley believes, and can it provide HP — a company with a floundering mobile strategy — with the firm momentum it needs in this new fiery ultrabook market? And more to the point, is it the ultrabook you should buy? Read on for the full review of the Folio 13.