Razer Mamba 2012 Edition

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Reviewed by Jack Wink (Currently owns)

Oh the Razer Mamba.... If you are like me and indulge in dropping a fortune on pro gaming hardware, which may (or may not) aid in the constant endeavor of increasing your actions per minute, then the Mamba might be for you. But, with a price tag of 129.99 you might want to consider other options.

Wired up the Mamba feels great. With it's large surface area and smooth plastic exterior not many hands can turn it down. Its few and simple macro buttons allow it to be one of the more handsome pieces of high end gaming hardware that still appeals to top tier players with needs for customization. Although it might be hard to notice a difference between wired or wireless mode in terms of precision, it fails to impress with battery life. Sadly, when the Mamba is connected wirelessly the battery never seems to last long enough in extensive gaming sessions and, in my experience, falls very short of the advertised 14hrs of continuous gaming.

All in all the Mamba is a fantastic mouse, but is it worth the extra seventy bucks over it's wired brother? It's hard to say yes with that kind of price tag. Some of its competitors, such as Cyborg's Rat series or one of the multitude of Logitech's mice might be a better buy in the end. Also, as a side note, if you intend to game on a Mac many of the features that make the Mamba worth the cost are unavailable due to unsupported drivers on Razer's site. I would suggest the Rat 9 or DeathAdder for a similar experiance that still supports OS X fully.

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