NEX 5 or NEX C3

Hey guys I am planning to step up from my point and shoot and buy a better camera. I wanted something that was still had a small body but took great pictures and I decided that the NEX line is the best combination of the two. My budget is about $500 and I wanted to get the 18mm to 55mm zoom lens. Sony is selling the NEX 5K, the old version for $500 and online in some sites the NEX C3 is selling for about $510. The NEX 5K has the better build quality and better video capabilities. On the other hand, the NEX C3 has the newer 'better' sensor and is very small and also has the better interface. The one negative aspect of the NEX C3 that really matters is the comfort of holding the camera and the NEX C3 has a little bump and is harder to hold while the NEX 5K has a big handle which is really easy to hold. I will use my camera mostly to take pictures of my family and on vacations once in a while but I am by no means a avid photographer. I am leaning toward the NEX 5K because its easier to hold and has the better build quality but I am curious to know what you guys think. 201010261544061377_medium

via NEX 5K


via NEX C3

NEX - 5K