While it's still a ways off from being in production, Panasonic recently demoed an SD card that can be loaded into a tablet to make the device compatible with the new WiGig wireless standard. With the WiGig SD card installed, users could wirelessly transfer photos, videos, and other content from the tablet to other devices; Panasonic's example focused on sending data from a tablet to video screens embedded in the passenger seats of a car. This implementation runs at 1Gbps speeds, but unfortunately only has a transmission range of up to three meters at the moment. However, it still looks useful for certain situations — in Panasonic's demo, a full DVD movie can be transferred from the tablet to the receiving video display in 60 seconds. There's also some integration with your car's vital stats; in the demo, the tablet receives battery updates and tire pressure. Panasonic looks focused on bringing this technology to autos — according to DigInfo TV, the company plans to have this ready for in-vehicle use by the summer of 2013.