Best Speaker Dock for an iPad 2

After trading my previous iPad 2 plus an old white Macbook for a 2010 MBP for my wife, I've decided that its time to get an ipad 2 again (well actually my wife did). And one of the main reasons she wants it again is because she wants to use it for reading (selling her nook color) and also to house our music so the iPad can be docked into some speakers to provide a decent living room/kitchen stereo w/ internet radio.

That Said, we are going to best buy today to buy a Black iPad 2 and a speaker dock. Our budget for the speaker dock isn't much (125 to 150$). So we can't afford (sadly) a Bose system but hope to get something that sounds decent and is reasonably loud with a dock for the ipad 2.

So whats the best 125-150$ iPad stereo speaker dock. FM radio is a huge plus but not a deal breaker for this price range. Any help would be great? I am just pumped my wife is on board with buying a piece of tech, usually she is talking me into selling them.