Twitter isn't the most likely place to find a notoriously private 78-year-old author — but that didn't stop a Scottish writer from duping both author Margaret Atwood and Twitter's Jack Dorsey with a fake Cormac McCarthy account last week. The Atlantic Wire has an interview with the man behind the charade, Michael Crossan. An unpublished writer himself, Crossan started the profile in the well-worn tradition of parody accounts, publishing such McCarthy-esque missives as "Already finger waggers spit envy and spite and doubt. On a beautiful day this stranger was just saying hello." The account took off when Atwood responded to a faux-McCarthy tweet and announced the account to contemporaries like Neil Gaiman and Amy Tan; the fake account acquired more than 6,000 followers before being flagged and shut down. We'd say Crossan has a flair for satirizing the No Country For Old Men author's voice, and the interview is well worth a quick read — for more of his tweets alone.