If two SIM cards just aren't enough for you, fear not — LG is launching the A290 this February, which contains a somewhat-absurd three SIM slots. There have been a few handsets with tri-SIM slots released, but LG's model looks like the first from a major manufacturer — but so far it has only been announced for release in Russia. That's just as well, because there's not much else to distinguish this featurephone, which has a 2.2-inch screen and 1.3 megapixel camera. Still, those three SIM slots will come in handy when trying to use the cheapest network you can get on, or to easily get on the same network as friends and take advantage of more friendly intra-network rates. While we don't expect to see this device stateside any time soon, it wouldn't surprise us to see more triple-SIM phones start to trickle out from other manufacturers. After all — more is almost always better, right?