Valve's Steam Mobile beta testing period didn't last long — less than a week after initially launching the app, Steam Mobile is available to all iOS and Android users. The app itself is organized into three main categories which mirror main features found in the Steam desktop client: community, store, and news. Under community, you can easily access your friends and groups and chat with them from your mobile device; 'friend activity' shows what games your friends are currently playing or have recently purchased. For those who have cultivated a large group of contacts through Steam, this will likely be the app's biggest attraction.

The store functionality is also quite robust, with a catalog that appears to mirror what's available through the desktop client. You can easily search Steam's catalog, add games to your wishlist, or purchase them and download later. The news section features Steam announcements, PR, product releases and updates, and Steam's blog; there's also syndicated news from a handful of gaming sites. Unfortunately, there's no gaming component whatsoever, so if you were hoping this app might lead to a Steam iOS or Android game store, you'll have to keep waiting.