RIM has already made some big changes in 2012, what with the hiring of new CEO Thorstein Heins — but the company isn't sitting still. After asking Twitter users how they planned to #BeBold in 2012, RIM compiled all the data it received and used it to create the Bold Team, four inspirationally ridiculous cartoon characters who will lead the company to the promised land in the coming year. Actually, RIM made it clear that the infographic it put together was just for fun, but we're hoping the company realizes just what it has here — these four heroes are just what the company needs to get back on track after a brutal 2011. Perhaps GoGo Girl, "the achiever," can get the BlackBerry 10 OS launched before late 2012 and Justin Steele "the advocate" can keep customers buying from its rather outdated portfolio until there's more exciting hardware on the market. If you want to join the conversation on how you plan to be bold in 2012, just tweet with the #bebold hashtag — RIM's listening, so make sure they get the message.