Six years after the introduction of the MacBook Pro, it appears the PC industry has finally realized that Apple was onto something. With laptops like the Dell XPS 15z and Samsung Series 7 Chronos, the incumbents are scrambling to build a cheaper MacBook Pro for the Windows set, and in more ways than one: not only do the Windows machines have similar metallic builds, they also attempt to copy Apple's design language. HP was one of the first to attempt to capitalize on the Apple formula with the original Envy 15 in 2009, but shied away from an outright clone with a curvier riff on the aluminum case. As you can see above, the company's not so shy anymore — the new Envy 15 looks almost exactly like a MacBook Pro when open. If HP's going to throw down with Apple on its own carefully polished aluminum turf, we're going to judge it accordingly: is the new Envy 15 as much of a Windows MacBook Pro as its looks suggest? Or is HP just banking on Apple's image to sell a lesser product? Read on to find out.

Update, January 24: There seems to be a problem with the HP Envy 15's 1080p Radiance Display where it doesn't properly display red and violet colors. We're currently awaiting a full response from HP.

Update, March: HP says the Radiance Display is "functioning properly," another way of saying that there is no way, or at least no plans, to fix this issue. It's minor, but we've docked the laptop's score as a result.