Why do we let technology control our lives?

I'm not taking about using technology. i'm talking about being drawn to a product so much that when another product comes along we go all mental. Example is that new HP Envy. People are going crazy with it looking like a macbook and they have a point it sort of does but why get so upset over it? It pisses me off that people have to act like a damn child when it comes to pernal preface. I use android. a friend of mine has an iPhone. We dont give a fuck what kind of phone we have, but there are those who say "oh you have an iphone, get the fuck out of my face"

Is the reason people get so worked up over a product because they fell insecure about themselves or the fact they have never been around the other products before (growing up on macs or windows for example) that when a competing product comes around they get scared so they bash it?

Fell free to share your thoughts or even add to my little rant..... I'd like to hear what others think.