2560 x 1440 HD monitors for affordable prices?

First things first, I am not really a huge fan of Apple, but have wanted one of their Cinamatic Displays for an age, I long for the high resolution of 2560 x 1440 but loathe the huge price tag. There have been hints that there will be a flurry of better than 1080p monitors being shown at CES this month, but do you think that these beautiful displays will become any more affordable? For example Sammy just announced their 9 series "quad HD" 27" monitor, which looks the part but also has a massive price tag. There is also the choice of a Dell Ultrasharp or other monitors, but generally I am finding it tough to find a IPS monitor with such a high resolution and not scrimping on features for under around £400 ($620 give or take).

Am I missing a glaringly obvious reasonably priced product???

Would I be better saving my cash for later this year to see a price drop?

(Also, silly question, is there a short name for 2560x1440? like "quad HD" or 1440p?)

Thanks for any answers