Calling On Netflix To Eliminate The Need For SOPA

As Nilay Patel said on TWiT a few weeks ago, "SOPA is a bad solution to a real problem". That problem is that people really are stealing content. Regardless of whether you believe that content providers are wrong to want to squeeze every little penny out of their IP doesn't change the fact that they have the right to. Nilay would go on to have a friendly disagreement with the host of the podcast who pressed Nilay for a better solution to the so-called problem. While Nilay didn't give a complete answer to the request, he echoed a belief that has been shared by many. That is that legislation cannot solve this problem. To quote super-darkhorse GOP Presidential candidate Buddy Roemer's website:

The best solution to this problem is a private one in which the industries cooperate to make legal content easily accessible and enjoyable for consumers to purchase. Apple has been a pioneer in this field, and should be a model for others to follow. We must abandon SOPA and find a solution that makes sense.

While everyone can generally agree that iTunes saved the music industry and escorted them into this new century I don't think the model can be copied directly in order to rescue the film industry. Movies and TV shows can already be purchased through iTunes but it hasn't had the same impact as their music store. I believe it is Netflix who is in best position to revolutionize digital video sales.

Paul Miller wrote a piece yesterday on the importance of ecosystems. In that he discussed the different types of ecosystems we see today. The one that intrigues me the most, in terms of relating it to digital video, is the Kindle. While Amazon does sell their own dedicated e-reader they've also gone to great lengths to ensure that any digital device you buy will be able to access your Kindle library. They call this Whispersync, and it's everything we love about the cloud demonstrated perfectly as a really successful product. Netflix has taken a similar approach in that nearly every tablet, phone, video game system, and TV set-top box has a Netflix app to access their streaming content. I personally have had Netflix for years and find the streaming service to be worth every penny. But due to lacking content it is only a supplemental service at this point. What I'm suggesting, if you haven't guessed already, is that Netflix sell individual movies and TV shows (the newer/better stuff) through their streaming app. These purchases could then be linked to the account and available across the array of devices that user has. As thomasrpowers wrote in his forum post SOPA Won't Solve Your Piracy Woes. Here's Something That Might., in many situations their just isn't a modern solution to get the video content we want. Netflix is in the best position to provide us with that solution.

Netflix stock has been steadily dropping since July. Does anybody think this could help both the film industry and Netflix themselves?