Well, this is a surprise. A web ad on CNET's website just revealed "the first 4G LTE phone for Sprint," which is none other than the Android 4.0 flagship Galaxy Nexus. It's a rather unceremonious reveal, which leads us to believe someone just flipped the switch on the ad a few too many days early — we'd expect a more formal debut for CES next week. Since Sprint also just announced its first LTE markets will be coming by mid-2012 (to Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio), we reckon that gives us a pretty decent launch window. The other big news? According to the ad, there's a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, a notable jump from the 1.2GHz chip in the current models.

This would be the second US carrier to officially have the Galaxy Nexus (the first being Verizon) and the second Android flagship for Sprint after the previous Nexus S, both of which were manufactured by Samsung. We've pinged Google for more details, and barring that, we've got less than a week before CES is upon us.

Update: The ad has been pulled. Not to worry, you can recapture that moment in our gallery below.