@People who don't use forums

I don't think I will ever understand it, but most people don't ever bother using forums at all. Everyone reading this will by default be a forum user, but it makes you wonder what the problem is with the other people, the masses.

I find forums incredibly useful and at times entertaining and fun to go through. Whenever I need to find something out one of the easiest places to do so is a proper forum. Nobody knows everything, but alot of people have alot of knowledge collectively, and forums allow you to tap into that collective knowledge to find that one guy who may know something about you specific issue or topic.

It's a great way to solicit opinions and discussion on just about anything, and where else can you argue over just about anything for days on end!

What kind of creatures would look at all that potential upside and go, meh, not for me...

Is there something deficient about such people? Or am I just being a forum trolling elitist pig?