Question in Ipad 2 Rear Camera

I am considering buying an Ipad for my son mostly so that he can take pictures of his homework (example- math worksheets he needs help on) and then email it to me so I can help him when I am working, etc. I figure this may be the easiest method to accomplish this.. I have an iphone so he can use iMessenger and send me the file all from one device. I travel a lot on my job, so I thought this could be an easy way to do this. (Guess I could get him a fax or a more complliacted method but I am trying to keep it simple for him.. he is 8.. like most 8 year old boys.. fairly good with technology)

My question is this:

Is the Ipad 2's camera sufficient to take decent resolution photos (of text or textbook pages) that I can view on my computer or print?

Or would you recommend waiting a few months (or whenever) for the 3? I think the camera on the ipad 3 will be better.. as technology goes. I don't have to get it today.. but the sooner I get it, the sooner I can help him