Android TV is coming sooner than you think.

Let's look at a few quotes shall we?

Eric Schmidt: Google TV on 'majority' of TV by Summer 2012 - December 7th, 2011

Here's the original story:

Think about the way this is phrased.. I think Schmidt means it will be a feature offered on new TV's (meaning on the store shelves) and not necessarily those being used in homes. Huge difference. The fact that Google TV is a pass through device makes it much more enticing for consumers than something like Boxee or Roku. I think they have the right strategy here however implementation is another story. Moving on..

Eric Schmidt: In the Next Six Months We Plan to Market a Tablet of the Highest Quality - December 19th, 2011

Here's the original story:

It sounds like we'll see an official Google tablet this summer- but my guess is that it will be a new iteration of the Samsung Galaxy tab. This was given out last year to everyone at Google I/O and I expect a new version will be handed out this year. Samsung has been very competitive with its prices and I see no reason why they couldn't sell a 7-inch Galaxy Tab for $200 on contract. Versions of the tab have been around since the Froyo release, its the most mature Android tablet out there and it has the best chance to succeed.

Now for the kicker

You can't just unleash TV software on a bunch of TV's and announce a brand new tablet in the same Summer without having a few surprises. Think about it- they have to come together! This is the missing piece that Schmidt is leaving out. By connecting the dots with information we have (and more will come) we can see something bigger is happening.

Google will release a new set of apps for their tablet to 'talk' to the TV software (both running Android) and actually beat Apple to the punch. You can bet the new YouTube channels will be a big part of this. This would be killer- as the tablet would not only function as an internet device but it would be a controller to the TV and any of the other Android at home appliances you have.

Its all going down at Google I/O, June 27-29, 2012. In 6 Months.