Why the white iPhone is better

Coming from the original Droid, I purchased a white iPhone 4S on launch day. Let's just say the honeymoon period is still not over.

I made the conscious decision to go with the white. Why, you ask?

1. It's cleaner - Contrary to what seems logical, white colored glossy/shiny/reflective surfaces appear cleaner than their black counterparts. The same is true of black and white cars. Dirt and fingerprints, which reflect light, are readily more visible against a black background than a white one.

2. It's different - Most iPhone 4's and 4S's I've seen are black. Who wants to be like everyone else?

3. It's more noticeable - because it's different, it stands out more. How many generic black slabs are there, from the Droids to the iPhone's? And catching that hottie's glance for a split second more because of your white iPhone makes all the difference in the world.

4. It's prettier - There's a reason the ads for the 4S feature lots of white versions. White is more aesthetically pleasing than black.

5. It seems more 4S-y - Because its a newer color (see delays of original white iPhone 4), it makes the phone seem newer. Anecdotally the majority of white iPhone's I've seen have been 4S's.

Finally, and most importantly, I think it just looks better.

I feel like I'm one of the few people who has a strong opinion on this topic. Anyone else?