Nielsen has new numbers on how we're using TV, mobile, online, and social media in the US. TV is still dominant, with 290 million, but with 232 mobile phones in the hands of people older than 13, and 211 million internet connections, we'd say the new wave is gaining fast. Additionally, while 288 million of those TV owners watch some form of "traditional TV," there are 143 million people watching TV on the internet, and 111 million watching timeshifted TV. While YouTube dominates in viewership, Netflix has four times the average viewing time per person per month, and half of Netflix users watch their movies from a gaming console, instead of a computer.

In the mobile universe, Nielsen puts Android's market share in the US at 43 percent, while iPhone and BlackBerry follow with 28 and 18 percent, respectively. Meanwhile, featurephones still outnumber smartphones, 57 percent to 43 percent. Better get on that, Google and Apple, we know we're doing our part.