Logic3's teamed up with Ferrari to create a new line of Ferrari-themed headphones, earphones, and speaker docks — there are 13 new products in two different collections, priced from $125 to $750. The Scuderia collection is influenced by F1 cars and heavily utilizes the conspicuous bright red theme, while the Ferrari GT-inspired Cavallino collection opts for more subtle colors and metallic accents. While some of the Scuderia-themed headphones remind us of other flamboyant Ferrari equipment, Logic3 has produced some sharp, clean-looking designs overall (though we'll wait to see more than renders to make final opinions about aesthetics).

Of the new Logic3 lineup, the $750 Cavallino GT1 Air speaker dock has the most notable feature set: it sports a 2.2.1 speaker setup (we're guessing that's two tweeters, two mids, and one 6.5-inch subwoofer) with a whopping 250 watts of total audio power, digital signal processing, a remote control app, and support for Bluetooth and AirPlay. The least expensive dock in the lineup is the $500 Scuderia FS1, which comes with a single 2.1 stereo speaker and subwoofer, 120 watts of total audio power, and support for Bluetooth (but not AirPlay). All of the speaker docks are compatible with the iPad and iPod, and can link to Android and Windows devices via Bluetooth.

In the headphone department there's a lot of similarity to products like Beats by Dre: the $375 Cavallino T350 over-ear headphones roughly match up with pricier Beats models, and there are other similar parallels down the price chain. The entire collection will be available starting in April 2012, and online pre-ordering will begin soon.