Intel's WiDi wireless display streaming may be a bit under the radar, but that might have changed today. The company has just announced that it will be collaborating with several home theater system-on-a-chip makers to start including WiDi support. The SoC companies involved are Cavium, Mstar Semiconductor, Sigma Designs, Realtek, and Wondermedia. While you probably don't recognize those companies, their hardware may power some of your connected TV, set-top box, or other home theater equipment.

It should be a great boon for WiDi, which requires the use of an adapter unless both the transmitter (usually your laptop) and the receiver (your TV or cable box) have the hardware built-in. The news comes after LG announced it'd be the first company to integrate WiDi into connected TVs last month, which we should be seeing and hearing more about here at CES.