What's your main device(s)?

Just wondering what you guys use in your daily lives in terms of tech.


For me at home or at someone else's house, my HP dv6-3050us is my main device in terms of gaming (Skyrim, TF2, ect), schoolwork, and other computing. ALthough when I think about it, I use my PS3 for gaming mostly.


On the go, my Evo 4G running Deck's is my to-go device since it has everything I need (TI-83, games, calender, clock, weather, and the list goes on).

Soon though, my school will provide me with a laptop (netbook I'm assuming) since I'm in Honors Pre-Calc. I will probably use this for schoolwork after the fact.

So that's my gear, now I wanna know yours. What do you use at home and on the go?


P.S. Oh and my Sony Cybershot DSC-W150 was used for the photos.