Well, if you were wondering if HP's first Envy Spectre video tease had anything to do with CES next week, it seems like you were on the right track. HP just tossed up a second teaser, which is almost identical to the first one, but shows a metallic edge of the laptop with a Beats-branded volume dial. That's really all the new teaser offers, otherwise it's just all those various panes of glass folding toward each other and reflecting off of nothingness — which perhaps hints at the smooth, reflective lid you can see in the still above. Really, all we're expecting here is HP's Johnny-come-lately ultrabook entry, but if it's a really sexy ultrabook, we're not going to complain. Also, if HP keeps stringing us along with teaser videos, we can't promise to keep cool about it.

[Thanks, normz.muffin]