Acer's new ultrabook, the Aspire S5, is living up to the "ultra" in its name: it's the thinnest ultrabook yet, which is a feat for a category defined by its thinness. It also offers a Thunderbolt port, a first outside of Apple's Mac computers. Acer describes its design as inspired by a razor's edge, and the reason for it is clear to see, the sides of the Aspire S5 come down to a sharp edge, sharper even than on the MacBook Air.

Another unique addition to the S5 is the way you access its I/O ports. There are USB and HDMI connections next to the Thunderbolt port, all of which are at the back of the computer and accessible by a door that slides open and closed, dubbed Magic Flip by Acer. The cool thing about it is that the opening mechanism is powered and lifts the laptop up, accompanied by a futuristic noise.