A crowded a dimly-ilt room with green LEDs strewn about is no way to showcase a new laptop, but we digress. Acer's 14- and 15-inch Timeline Ultra don't have the slimness of the Aspire S5 but still it boasts eight hours of charge and a DVD slot. Aesthetically there aren't much differences between the two devices — the AC power adapter moves from the back on the 14-inch to the left side on the 15-inch, for example, and the SD card / headphone jack have slightly different positions along the right edge. Otherwise, both have two USB ports, HDMI, and ethernet port on the back. In our brief time with the laptop, the keyboard felt snappy and the touchpad surprisingly not bad, but don't take that as gospel — a few minutes of use isn't enough to really make a decision. That goes double for the laptop as a whole; though Instant On is a nice touch (and works pretty well as we erratically opened and closed the laptop), we'll reserve judgment until we get some more substantial time and a price figure.

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