Belkin just announced at CES that it's going to to be developing accessories that work with MCV's Dyle Mobile TV service, which brings live over-the-air television to mobile devices. The service currently gets its content from 15 broadcasting groups, as well as FOX, NBC, and more, and devices with the right ATSC TV tuners and the Dyle app can get service from preexisting OTA broadcasts — which means it doesn't use any of your precious mobile data. We learned a few days ago that MCV was working with MetroPCS to build TV tuners directly into devices, but now that Belkin has been brought on board we're sure to be seeing at least a few accessories that can let you tap into those over-the-air signals with most any mobile phone or tablet.

We got to see Belkin's first prototype accessory for Dyle Mobile TV today. It's a pretty reasonably-sized dongle for iOS devices, and other than your typical iPod dock connector, it has got a female 3.5mm jack. (Update: We've been told you will be able to use your device's built-in speakers as well.) The dongle doesn't have a name yet, but we were told that we should be expecting the device to arrive in a couple of months.