Behringer's at CES with some sporty new audio products, and we just gave them a heft: the $100 Splash 100 wireless pool speaker, $129 Soundscape Air iPod dock with wireless speakers, and the $100 Tuff Tunes boombox. There's no fancy AirPlay to be had here, just straight-up 2.4GHz wireless audio peripherals (and a rugged boombox) but they definitely have some interesting designs at the show. The Splash 100 is a floating orb with an estimated 230-foot range, 3.5 hours of battery life and LED "mood lights," and a base station that takes 3.5mm audio input or plays files from a USB stick. While the Soundscape Air looks like a standard iPod dock but its pair of three-inch speakers are actually portable, and can be picked up and carried around 150 feet from the base station, which charges them wirelessly as well. Sadly, none of them plays audio yet, so we weren't able to test them over the din. Behringer says they'll be on sale in Q2 or Q3 this year. See them in the gallery below. Not pictured: the Late Nite, Behringer's "vintage USB microphone," and the iNuke Boom, an eight-foot iPod and Bluetooth boombox that boasts 10,000 watts of power.