Toshiba's taking the wraps off a pair of high-end 3D TVs at CES this week, the L7200 and L6200. Both TVs feature the incredibly thin bezels that we're seeing from most manufacturers this year; the L7200 comes in 47- and 55-inch models with a 240Hz response rate, while the L6200 comes in 42-, 47-, and 55-inch models at 120Hz. They're also both running passive 3D, which eliminates the need for bulkier, battery-powered glasses; they also feature TriVector 2D-to-3D conversion technology (though we can't yet say how well this conversion works).

Befitting their status as smart TVs, there's Wi-Fi and a whole host of software on board: MediaShare is a graphic DLNA interface for streaming videos, music, and photos from computers hooked up to the same network as the TV. If you own one of Toshiba's tablets, you can take advantage of TRAC — tablet remote app capability — which lets you control every aspect of the TV through your tablet. There's also Airplay-style streaming capabilities called Send & Play that lets you push any media from your Toshiba tablet to the TV. The software sounds useful, but it's all about the minuscule bezel and picture quality here. According to Toshiba, these TVs will be available this March, though pricing has yet to be announced.