Toshiba announced earlier today that its 55-inch Quad Full HD glasses-free 3D TV was coming to the US later in the first quarter, and we got a second chance to play with one here at CES 2012 — we first saw it back at IFA. QFHD isn't quite 4K, but it still looked pretty amazing in person — leaves have never looked so much like leaves, models have never looked so much like people, that sort of thing. The glasses-free 3D was also pretty effective — a tiny camera in the base tracks your face, and arrows and dots at the top of the screen help you get lined up. Once we got locked in, Coraline looked pretty good, but there was a certain amount of graininess, and we had to hold fairly still to maintain the 3D image. There's also a crazy-huge remote with a slider panel that blocks out buttons you might not want — it's kind of like the last stand of the traditional remote before smart TVs take over with their touchpads and smartphone apps. Still no details on actual pricing — or even what model number this thing will have when it comes to the US — but we'll let you know when we find out.