Cisco’s Flip cameras may have died all too soon, but fortunately it wasn’t the only good line of dead-simple, single-purpose camcorders on the market: Sony’s Bloggie cameras, aside from being horrifically named, have long been worthy pocket camcorder competition. Sony’s latest model, the Bloggie Live, takes the concept of dead-simple video recording and gives it a 2012 twist with the addition of Wi-Fi connectivity that allows for live-streaming of video, as well as a lot of simple and easy sharing options for YouTube and Picasa. At $249, it’s considerably more expensive than most other low-end camcorders, but it’s far more powerful in functionality than the Flip cameras ever were. Does the Bloggie Live improve an already-great camera, or do the extra features hurt the turn-it-on-and-press-record simplicity we loved in the Flip line? Does it even do measurably better than your smartphone’s video camera? Read on to find out.