Sony just announced its 2012 line of smart Blu-ray players at CES, and the highlight is the BDP-S790, which can upscale "any content" to 4K. We're don't know exactly how that'll look, but we're guessing it'll be a lot like scaling DVD to 1080p — so probably just good enough to hold you over until true 4K content becomes more readily available. The S70 also features built-in Wi-Fi with the usual Netflix, Pandora, and Hulu support, but you can also connect an optional camera and use Skype, and Sony's new Socialize app lets you share to Facebook and Twitter. No pricing yet, but Sony says it'll be out this April.

Sony's also releasing two other smart Blu-ray players in Feburary, though: both the BDP-S390 and BDP-S590 offer Wi-Fi connectivity with app support (but no Skype), Socialize, HomeShare media streaming, and Media Remote control apps for iOS and Android — the S590 adds 3D playback to the mix. Again, no pricing, but we'll dig around and see what we can find.

Lastly, Sony's announcing the BDP-SX910 portable Blu-ray player, which has a 9-inch "high resolution" flip screen with a 180-degree swivel, a 4.5-hour built-in battery, HDMI output, and a USB port for playing media from external storage — we don't know about format support, but we're looking into it. It'll be out in "spring," and we're looking into pricing.