Samsung's OLED initiative is the big story at CES, but let's not forget its Smart 3DTV lineup. The UNES8000 (LED) and PNE8000 (Plasma) feature what the company is calling its new Smart Interaction technology, which includes motion control, voice control, and face recognition. The press release is a little vague on details here, but the huge banners Samsung has on the Las Vegas Convention Center suggest motion control is hand waving. Both are also powered by a dual-core chipset and a "new suite of cloud services" including so-called Family Story, Fitness, and Kids. Though plasma is our personal preference for video quality, the LED model has more interesting U-shaped metallic stand (pictured below, left).

We're admittedly light on a lot of important details here, including the specifics of Smart Interaction the cloud services, specs, and pricing / release details. What we do know so far is intriguing, and our guess is we'll be able to fill in the pieces after Samsung's press conference later today.