If your portable media device of choice needs an audio out, Philips has plenty of options for you in 2012. From its classy-feeling $299.99 Fidelio L1 (with leather, aluminum and memory foam plus an in-line remote) to the classy-sounding CitiScape (your choice of Uptown, Downtown, Metro, and Underground), there are plenty of new headphone designs to be had. If it's an iOS device that carries your jams, you can wake up to them with a set of stylish new clock radios (the $69.99 AJ5300D, $89.99 AJ5350D and $99.99 AJ7035D) with built-in iPod docks that sync time with your phone or PMP.

If you'd rather take that music on the go, Philips has a set of portable Jawbone Jambox competitors, too, the Shoqbox, that have Bluetooth, an estimated eight hours of battery life, and hidden 3.5mm ribbon cables starting at $149.99. You can even pair two of them together for a miniature wireless stereo system. Last but not least, you might be able to entertain the children in your vehicle with video files with Philips' Dual-Screen In-Car Display, which hangs a pair of 7-inch ($169.99) or 9-inch ($199.99) LCD screens from your rear seats, and provides a cupholder dock for an iOS device to simultaneously charge and send video to both displays. They all look and feel rather neat (and the Fidelio doesn't sound bad) but unfortunately Philips didn't have most of the prototypes working during our session. Take a gander at the products, though, in our gallery below!