Philips is bringing all kinds of audio goodies to CES this year, but two particularly stand out: the Sound Hub 360-degree audio system, and the Soundbar Home Cinema Speaker with Android streaming. The $499.99 Sound Hub certainly is loud and puts out some powerful bass from its hefty active subwoofer, and it's got an interesting design, too, with two sets of stacked cube speakers.

By contrast, there's nothing about the Soundbar that truly caters to Android, but rather DLNA, which lets you stream audio and video from any compatible app. That's because the virtual surround sound system (with wireless subwoofer) has built-in Wi-Fi and also connects to your TV over HDMI, and there's also a USB port to play files from a connected drive, too. Considering it'll cost $349.99, we imagine that you could probably already afford a TV that does many of the same things, but if not it could be a valuable addition to your living room or bedroom entertainment experience. Find both products in stores around April, and pictures in our gallery below. You'll also see a slim virtual surround bar in a few of the shots: it's not related to either product, but will go on sale for $129.99 as well.