HTC Flyer + Honeycomb=Why Doesn't It Taste So Great?!!?

When I recently saw that Honeycomb was finally being rolled out to the Wi-Fi only HTC Flyer, I decided to roll the dice and manually check for the update. I read a few forum posts on various sites to see if there any overwhelmingly glaring issues to be aware of. All I saw was inconsistent minor issues that differed from one user to another. At the end though, no one shouted "Avoid Honeycomb and run for the hills" I took the plunge.

[Note: This is on a 16GB model that was running Sense flavored Gingerbread, unrooted, with VT.Launcher (which is based on ADW Launcher) with an ADW ICS Theme. This probably means nothing, but I have a 32GB Sandisk MicroSD card inside.]

It downloaded just fine, and I didn't encounter any issues during installation. After installation came the reboot...which took an absurdly long time. Before the upgrade, the Flyer would go from the HTC logo screen to the lock screen in less than half a minute (if it was actually longer, it sure didn't feel that way). Then came the first set of problems: It went back to Sesne and wouldn't let me apply VT.Launcher or Launcher Pro (which is what I was using previously). On top of that, the system was incredibly laggy and some apps refused to co-operate. Then it locked up on me. I left it alone for a bit and then plugged in the power cord. Now it seemed to be functioning, save for the lag and Launcher issue. I decided to go home and deal with it later.

The next day I tried to wake the Flyer from standby, and was instead greeted by the HTC logo splash screen. I had surmised that the battery had just drained out (great, yet another problem). When I got the chance, I plugged it into an AC outlet (because regular USB ports are insufficient to charge most tablets). After an hour of charging I figured it would be good to go...unfortunately, the damned thing was stuck on the HTC logo Splash screen. It wouldn't go past that screen and there was no way to reboot it either. Out of sheer lack of a better idea, I decided to plug it in to the USB port on a Laptop...and Voila...we were on to the lock screen. After doing a quick Google search, I read in a forum that getting around the Launcher issue was as easy as downloading another Launcher (I know it sounds dumb to have to do that, but it was either that or wait for HTC to acknowledge and THEN issue a fix). I downloaded and then installed Go Launcher EX (which previously was unavailable for tablets), and it got rid of Sense again...allowing me to go back to VT.Launcher (i'll experiment with Go Launcher in the future). A bonus side effect...the lag I had experienced was mostly gone...Hooray!!!

But alas, this story has not had a happy ending. Used to be that I could leave my tablet on standby and usually get 2 to 3 days on one full charge (if all I did was check the occasional email or Facebook message). Now, with barely any use, the battery drains out within half a day or so. To make matters worse, i'll plug it to an AC outlet and give it an hour or two, but the Flyer won't go past the HTC logo splash screen. I now have to plug the damn thing into a USB port in order to get to the Lock screen. What the hell kind of bloody mess is this? I seriously don't want to go through the process of a Factory Reset...that's just way to annoying.

On top of that very nasty issue, I have two minor gripes...and they're both centered around the Onscreen Buttons/Controls. I'm really not liking the fact that i've lost some screen real estate when watching movies/videos in full screen mode. Seeing the onscreen controls constantly bugs me to no end. Then there's the fact that my notifications are now at the bottom along with the onscreen controls...that rubs me the wrong way something fierce. In all the screen shots i've seen of the Galaxy Nexus, the onscreen controls and notification area are separate...was this not possible in Honeycomb???

Outside of how Gmail and the browser look and function, I couldn't see any real benefit of going from Gingerbread to Honeycomb on the Flyer.

I want to know: Is the issue I explained above widespread, or is this a very weird and isolated incident? Are any other Flyer owners experiencing different persistent issues??? Are there any other benefits of upgrading to Honeycomb that I am missing (details please)???

Update: Now i'm finding that I get disconnected from my Wi-Fi connection's the "hit" parade that doesn't end.